• The Dougherty County School System has a comprehensive student assessment program consisting of instruments, procedures and policies necessary to implement various instructional initiatives guided by the Georgia Standards of Excellence. All students in kindergarten through twelve grades are required to participate in the Georgia state-mandated assessments. Georgia State Board Rule 160-3-1-.07 requires that each local school system assess all students using the state board designated assessment instruments. 

    The Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GPSC) has guidelines in place to help govern the administration of all tests. Standard 10 specifically governs all testing activities. 

    This Department:

    • Implements and Administers the district’s assessment program.
    • Provides support to all schools in the DCSS regarding Georgia State Board of Education rule 160-4-2-.11 for promotion and retention of Grade 3,5, and 8 students.
    • Delivers training/guidance related to the assessment program, assessment data, and accountability mandates to district staff.
    • Facilitates compliance with the College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI).
    • Interacts with state and federal agencies relative to the assessment program and accountability mandates.
    • Handles assessment documents and reports including secure test materials, individual student score reports, and school/district data reports in both paper and electronic formats, including district, state, and national standardized assessments.
    • Coordinates the retention of permanent student records at the district level through the Records Office; Assists schools with maintaining compliance with local, state, and federal regulations regarding education records

    The state of Georgia requires the assessment of all students enrolled in its K-12 public schools. The Mission of Georgia’s assessment program is to measure student achievement relative to the state mandated curriculum, to provide teachers with diagnostic information, identify students failing to achieve mastery of content, and to assist school systems in identifying strengths and weaknesses when planning educational programs.  Educators gain valuable data for planning and parents can benchmark the academic growth of their child.  Assessments also provide valuable information regarding the progress of schools and the students. 

    In order to maintain the integrity of the assessment program and its results, security must be established and maintained.  The responsibility for the assessment program at the school level rests with the Principal and their designated School Test Coordinator.

    Students with disabilities, students meeting Section 504 requirements and English Language Learners may receive appropriate accommodations based on their needs as specified in their Individualized Education Program (IEP), Individual Accommodation Plan (IAP), or English Learner/Test Participation Committee (EL/TPC) plan.

    For additional information about any of the above items, contact your schools' guidance counselor or:

    DCSS Assessment & Accountability Department
    801 W. Residence Ave
    Albany, GA 31701
    (229) 431-3457
    (229) 431-3459 - fax

    • Dr. Lakeisha Carter, Interim Director of Assessment and Accountability
    • Ms. Junith Malone, Administrative Assistant